Association between Sick Child Facility Readiness and Provision of Care at the Individual and Facility Level in Five Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Authors: Emily D. Carter, Ashley Sheffel, Jennifer Requejo, Margaret Kosek, Harry Campbell, Thom Eisele, Melinda K Munos

Delays in accessing high-quality care for newborns in East Africa: An analysis of survey data in Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania

Authors: Lori Niehaus, Ashley Sheffel, Henry Kalter, Agbessi Amouzou, Alain Koffi, Melinda K. Munos

How does social desirability bias influence survey-based estimates of the use of antenatal care in rural Nepal? A validation study

Authors: Andrew L Thorne-Lyman, Tsering P Lama, Rebecca A Heidkamp, Melinda K Munos, Porcia Manandhar, Subarna K Khatry, Emily Bryce, Steven C LeClerq, Joanne Katz

Moderate Accuracy of Survey Responses about Infant and Young Child Feeding Counseling Reported by Mothers with Children Less than 1 Year of Age in India

Authors: Sunny S. Kim, Sattvika Ashok, Rasmi Avula, Tanmay Mahapatra, Priya Gokhale, Shelley Walton, Rebecca A. Heidkamp, Melinda K. Munos

Exploring approaches to weighting estimates of facility readiness to provide health services used for estimating input-adjusted effective coverage: a case study using data from Tanzania

Authors: Ashley Sheffel, Emily Carter, Debora Niyeha, Khadija I. Yahya-Malima, Deogratius Malamsha, Shagihilu Shagihilu, Melinda K. Munos

Association between Antenatal Care Facility Readiness and Provision of Care at the Client Level and Facility Level in Five Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Authors: Ashley Sheffel, Emily Carter, Scott Zeger, Melinda K. Munos

Exploring the accuracy of self-reported maternal and newborn care in select studies from low and middle-income country settings: do respondent and facility characteristics affect measurement?

Authors: Katharine J. McCarthy, Ann K. Blanc, Charlotte E. Warren, Ashish Bajracharya & Ben Bellows