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Association between sick child facility readiness and provision of care at the individual and facility level in five low- and middle-income countries

Delays in accessing high-quality care for newborns in East Africa: An analysis of survey data in Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania

How does social desirability bias influence survey-based estimates of the use of antenatal care in rural Nepal? A validation study

Exploring the accuracy of self-reported maternal and newborn care in select studies from low and middle-income country settings: do respondent and facility characteristics affect measurement?

Association between antenatal care facility readiness and provision of care at the client level and facility level in five low- and middle-income countries

Exploring approaches to weighting estimates of facility readiness to provide health services used for estimating input-adjusted effective coverage: a case study using data from Tanzania

Moderate Accuracy of Survey Responses about Infant and Young Child Feeding Counseling Reported by Mothers with Children Less than 1 Year of Age in India

New approaches for developing biomarkers of hormonal contraceptive use


The effect of sampling health facilities on estimates of effective coverage: a simulation study

Cognitive testing of questions about antenatal care and nutrition interventions in southern Nepal

Using cognitive interviewing to bridge the intent-interpretation gap for nutrition coverage survey questions in India


Validation of Maternal Report of Iron Folic-Acid Supplementation During Antenatal Care in Rural Southern Nepal

Impact of imprecise household location on effective coverage estimates generated through linking household and health provider data by geographic proximity: a simulation study

Methodological considerations for linking household and healthcare provider data for estimating effective coverage: a systematic review

Advancing nutrition measurement: Developing quantitative measures of nutrition service quality for pregnant women and children in low- and middle-income country health systems

Reliability of maternal recall of delivery and immediate newborn care indicators in Sarlahi, Nepal

The validity of women’s reports of family planning service quality in Cambodia and Kenya

Antenatal care processes in rural Southern Nepal: gaps in and quality of service provision-a cohort study

Validation of maternal report of nutrition-related interventions and counselling during antenatal care in southern Nepal

Validation of MINORMIX Approach for Estimation of Low Birthweight Prevalence Using a Rural Nepal dataset


Effective coverage measurement in maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health and nutrition: progress, future prospects, and implications for quality health systems

Validating women’s reports of antenatal and postnatal care received in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Kenya


Development of summary indices of antenatal care service quality in Haiti, Malawi and Tanzania

Validity of self-reported receipt of iron supplements during pregnancy: implications for coverage measurement


Why some mothers overestimate birth size and length of pregnancy in rural Nepal

Validation of maternal reports for low birthweight and preterm birth indicators in rural Nepal

Special Issue of the Journal of Global Health: A collection of 18 research and reviews on measuring intervention coverage for MNCH through household surveys


Special Collection of PLOS: Measuring Coverage in Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health. This collection presents innovative assessments of the validity of measuring population

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