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Measuring Coverage in MNCH: Population HIV-Free Survival among Children under Two Years of Age in Four African Countries

Authors: Jeffrey S. A. Stringer , Kathryn Stinson, Pius M. Tih, Mark J. Giganti, Didier K. Ekouevi, Tracy L. Creek, Thomas K. Welty, Benjamin H. Chi, Catherine M. Wilfert, Nathan Shaffer, Elizabeth M. Stringer, Francois Dabis, David Coetzee

Citation Information:

Journal: PLOS Medicine


Date Published: 7 May 2013

Additional Information:

This article is a part of a Special Collection of PLOS titled Measuring Coverage in Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health. This collection presents innovative assessments of the validity of measuring population with a variety of articles, videos, and blog posts.

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